Snow day

I think this may be blog two or three for me. I don’t promise to write everyday, but I will write when something tweaks my “spit it out” nerve.

Today,  for example, it’s snowing in Denver. In fact, we have a Winter Storm Warning, which means we’ll get significant snow. Now, what bugs me is, all the businesses and government offices stayed open. Why does this bug me? Because people had to get up and drive to work, including several people I love. Snowy roads can be treacherous and really heavy snowfall, which we’ve had off and on, makes it hard to see. There were some ugly accidents this morning, fortunately avoided by my loved ones this time.

So what is so blasted important out there that people had to go to work today? It brings up the whole philosophy of work that drives me nuts (yeah, I’m unemployed). My life and time are valuable to me. I consider a job as an agreement between my employer and me that, for a specified number of hours, I will devote myself wholeheartedly to their interests. They, in turn, will agree to certain constraints such as not putting my life in jeopardy (some employers have not done this well at all). This includes driving to the office on days when it’s not wise to be on the road. Granted, when I am working, I’m a writer and working from home has not been a problem for many years. In fact, I’m more productive when I’m not in an office.

I do my best not to impose on other people: I do my shopping on less hazardous days and, if I have appointments, I do my best to reschedule them for other times. In other words, I really don’t want anyone out there who doesn’t absolutely have to be. Law enforcement, fire departments, hospital personnel, the folks who plow the roads; couldn’t we make their lives easier by simply staying home on seriously crummy days?

As it turns out, things haven’t been too bad where my peeps had to be. It’s pretty likely we’ll get through today without any mishaps. But, darn it, what was so important that they had to go out to begin with? How has our world become so impatient that people like admins and painters and dental assistants have to be in the office on a day like this?

Just an odd thought from Denver on a snowy day. Be careful out there.


About Sherilyn

I'm a writer, sculptor, wife, mother, grandmother living on the edge of Denver, CO. I think the most important things humans can do are contribute to other people and spread joy by doing what they love. My rabbits think the most important things humans can do are keep an endless supply of hay, parsley, and carrots.
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