Happy April Fool’s Day!!

I love April Fool’s. I don’t play many pranks anymore and I never played any really huge ones, but I just love the day nonetheless. I mean, an entire day set aside for silliness. Especially in the America I live in, this is a joyful exception to the rule. We have become far too serious a nation. In Colorado, for example, we have lost such lovely things as the Bob Festival, which celebrated everyone named Bob. I have heard nothing of the Dan Lynch Lunch, immortalized by John Coit, for twenty years. Pole dancing is seriously be submitted as an Olympic sport.

Have we lost our sense of the absurd? Online, there seems to be some appreciation for the rankly silly in the world (see failblog.org, for example), but it has to verge on slapstick to be appreciated. What has happened to the finely turned pun? Sometimes, I don’t think we know our own language well enough to enjoy puns anymore. A sad, sad loss!

So here are some things I have found very funny lately:

    The Tea Party movement—These folks seriously want to get rid of the Democrats in office because things were so much better under the Republicans. Uh huh.

    Dog parks—I could take these seriously if dogs did not still poop and play any old place. Dogs don’t care about dog parks. Besides, it’s discrimination against cats and rabbits. Why don’t we have cat parks, perhaps better called Public Cat Boxes. And rabbits have, I’m told, have become popular house pets after. Where are the Bunny Hops?

    Homeland Security—Are we more secure since this new agency has been formed? Is information shared more willingly between government agencies? Not so’s you’d notice. In fact, this new agency appears to be a way to legalize government bullying even beyond what the IRS could do, leaving many of us feeling even less secure than ever.

Well, before I get myself in even deeper water, here is some of the fun on the Internet today:




Astronomy Picture of the Day


Starbucks Coffee

Blizzard’s Matchmaking Site

YouTube lets you watch video in text!

Just the research has renewed my faith. The human race may survive to laugh again!


About Sherilyn

I'm a writer, sculptor, wife, mother, grandmother living on the edge of Denver, CO. I think the most important things humans can do are contribute to other people and spread joy by doing what they love. My rabbits think the most important things humans can do are keep an endless supply of hay, parsley, and carrots.
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